HereO Child GPS Watch Funds On Indiegogo

HereO Child GPS Watch Tracking

The HereO Child GPS Watch just surpassed it’s $100,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, completely selling out of its stash of $99 Early Bird Specials. The kid-sized GPS tracking watch will allow parents and care-givers to track location and movement of electronic tetherees from a smartphone, tablet, or home computer. Additional units are currently available at … [Read More]

Amiigo Activity Tracker Coming Soon

Amiigo Activity Tracker Fitness Bracelet

The Amigo Activity Tracker is expected to ship to Indiegogo backers within the next two weeks. Having exceeded its crowdfunding goal back in March of 2013, original backers of the Amiigo have begun to get a little anxious. However, the company recently announced that the engineering issues have been ironed out and manufacturing has begun. … [Read More]

SmartFitty Fitness Tracking Smartwatch Coming

SmartFitty Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

SmartFitty, a fitness tracking smartwatch from Orange County, California, may be produced in September of this year after all. SmartFitty unsuccessfully sought Indiegogo crowdfunding 3 months ago, achieving only 10% of its $100,000 funding goal. However, yesterday, the campaign organizer stated that they are in the process of securing private equity and are vetting the … [Read More]

Kreyos Meteor On Indiegogo

Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch

The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch just landed on Indiegogo sporting voice control, gesture control, and ANT+ sensor compatibility. Smashing through its crowdfunding goal of $100,000 in the first week, the Kreyos Meteor is currently sitting atop $203,792 with 43 days to go. Wearable computing aficionados really like this one and have opened up their wallets in … [Read More]

EmoPulse Smile, Best Smartwatch So Far

EmoPulse Smile Smartwatch

EmoPulse Smile, the best smartwatch we have seen so far, hits Indiegogo in search of crowd funding. Showcasing the capabilities of its incredible (if true) Artificial Intelligence algorithm, the EmoPulse Smile could very well be the first truly “Smart” watch. A Smartwatch With Artificial Intelligence “Best Smartwatch So Far” … That is a pretty big … [Read More]

Boddie Smartwatch On Indiegogo

Rearden Technology Boddie Smartwatch

Boddie Smartwatch just landed on crowd funding platform Indigiegogo, offering “the ability to take a break from technology” and, by far, the most … ummm, artistic … product launch video we have viewed so far. Developed by Rearden Technology out of Poland, the Boddie smartwatch is designed primarily to be an extension of your iOS … [Read More]

Smartwatch Marketing Via Crowdfunding

Pebble E-Paper Smartwatches

Crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, seem to be the most popular method for bringing a smartwatch to market as of late. The success of this fledgling capitalization method has been quite varied. From crowd favorites, such as the Pebble or the Agent smartwatch that absolutely demolished their financing goals, to less popular offerings, … [Read More]

Orsto X1 Smartwatch On Indiegogo

Orsto X1 Smartwatch

The Orsto X1 smartwatch is now available for preorder on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Wearable computing has really taken off this year and everyone wants a piece of the action. Awash in a burgeoning field of smartwatch startups, the Orsto X1 attempts to set itself apart from the pack by offering 100% titanium casing and straps … [Read More]

VEA Buddy Smartwatch Funding Ends Tomorrow

VEA Buddy Smartwatch

The VEA Buddy smartwatch Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ends at 11:59 PM Pacific time tomorrow. Although the company has achieved only slightly more than 33% of its original funding goal thus far, thy assures us that the VEA Buddy “will be produced!” Another crowdfunded smartwatch hits the market. VEA Digital, makers of the VEA SPORTS watch … [Read More]

WiMe NanoSmart Smartwatch Seeks Funding

WiMe Wireless Me NanoSmart Smartwatch

WiMe (Wirelss Me), a Taiwan-based smartwatch manufacturer, is seeking funding to bring you its latest offering: the NanoSmart smartwatch. Different from recent smartwatch offerings, such as the wildly popular Pebble, that function primarily as an extension to the user’s wirelessly connected smartphone, the NanoSmart is an independent mini-GSM phone, bluetooth headset dialer, and smartwatch all … [Read More]