Apple Watch: The Complete Guide

Apple Watch Guide

Summary Apple Watch is a line of smartwatches designed and manufactured by Apple. Originally released on April 24, 2015, it quickly became one of the best-selling wearables of all-time. Focusing on health, fitness, music, environment, communication, the watch is a central piece of XX connected life. It operates both in conjunction with the user’s iPhone … [Read More]

Nurrv Run Sports Wearable Improves Running Technique

Nurrv Run Sports Wearable

The Nurrv Run is a sports wearable that transforms traditional running shoes into smart shoes. It tracks your technique and performance, and provides real-time insight into a runner’s strengths and weaknesses. Beneficial for runners at every level, it’s like have a coach your pocket … both for critiques and inspiration. In addition, the guidance offered … [Read More]

VR Headsets in 2020: Virtual Reality

Compare Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality Headsets have hit full-force in 2020 and are now commonly found in most serious gamers’ electronic arsenals. Quality hardware is available, game libraries are expanding, and prices are now “reasonable” for most early-adopting consumers. Interested in immersing yourself in the new virtual realty but unsure whether to leap? This list will show you … [Read More]

Apple Releases New Boot Camp Drivers For Windows 10

Apple Releases New Boot Camp Drivers For Windows 10

Apple has quietly released new AMD Vega Boot Camp Software Graphics Drivers for running Windows 10 on an iMac Pro. This is significant for mac-based virtual reality enthusiasts as the new drivers finally allow for VR on an iMac Pro without the need for a cumbersome eGPU (external graphics processing unit). After upgrading your Boot … [Read More]

VR On An iMac Pro: The Updated Guide For 2020

VR On An iMac Pro

Virtual Reality on a Mac is finally ready for prime time! 2019 saw an explosion of VR Ready PCs, Virtual Reality Headsets, and Windows-compatible VR Apps eagerly consumed by the early adopter market. Unfortunately, if you wanted to experience VR on a Mac, your options were fairly limited. Until the iMac Pro, hacking together a … [Read More]

Martian mVoice G2 Smartwatch Hits Kickstarter

Martian mVoice G2

The Martian mVoice G2 Smartwatch just hit Kickstarter. A throw-back smartwatch with analog hands and time markers, the mVoice G2 is not designed to serve as a wrist-borne computer, unlike the Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatches. Rather, the G2 serves as a traditional timepiece with inconspicuous modern benefits … discreet smartphone notifications and the … [Read More]

Oculus Rift Controller Concept Emerges

Oculus Rift Controller Concept

Oculus Rift Controller Concept images have unexpectedly emerged from the Oculus website, indicating a completely wireless system supported by a comfortable ergonomic controller capable of moving the user through various virtual realities. Comprised of four simple buttons and what appears to be a touchpad for directional control, the leaked images have stoked the flames of … [Read More]

Avegant Glyph Video Glasses Hit Kickstarter

Avegant Glyph Video Glasses

The Avegant Glyph Video Glasses just landed on crowdfunding portal Kickstarter. Employing a proprietary Virtual Retina Display (VRD), the Glyph provides a vivid high resolution user experience absent the typical screen-door pixelation issues found in current competing next generation video glasses. The Avegant Glyph was one of our favorite hands-on experiences of CES 2014, and … [Read More]

Google Glass: Everything You Need To Know

Google Glass: The Complete Guide

Google Glass is wearable technology in the form of hybrid computer-glasses or smart glasses. Developed by Google’s Project Glass research and development department, the smart glasses are comprised of an optical head-mounted display powered by a small frame-mounted computer possessing unit. Possessing processing power and ability similar to that of a smartphone, Google Glass can … [Read More]