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The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch just landed on Indiegogo sporting voice control, gesture control, and ANT+ sensor compatibility. Smashing through its crowdfunding goal of $100,000 in the first week, the Kreyos Meteor is currently sitting atop $203,792 with 43 days to go. Wearable computing aficionados really like this one and have opened up their wallets in a strong showing of support.

The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch is not the first wearable computing device to successfully negotiate the ever-changing crowdfunding money grab maze. However, it is the first to do so with a campaign tailored specifically to appeal to the taste of an average end user. Whereas, Kickstarter rockstar Pebble focused its pitch to rile up technophiles, hackers, and programmers, the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch campaign highlights features that appeal to the every day user who doesn’t necessarily want to spend hours tweaking and customizing.

The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch features two user interface systems that will necessarily be integrated into all future sophisticated smartwatches: voice control and gesture control. On such a diminutive wearable computing device, alternatives to traditional button and touch screen input must be further developed and these two additions are a step in the right direction. The Kreyos Meteor features a microphone and speaker allowing the user to remotely control the device using voice commands. Interestingly, to save programming requirements and processing power, the watch syncs with your smartphone’s voice command system, such as Apple’s Siri, to accomplish that task … a unique and innovative idea. In addition, user input is received via rudimentary gesture control via a 3-axis gyroscope. We would like to see this technology developed further to include abilities such as those incorporated into the Thalmic Labs Myo.

Another great feature of the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch, is its ability to pair with activity trackers, sensors, heart rate monitors, and cycling computers via the ANT+ network, thus centralizing such data and eliminating the need for multiple devices suited to each specific task. This is another feature that all truly “smart” watches should eventually employ.

Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch

And now for what we don’t like … the band and the display. We are not fans of plastic swatch-type bands. Why can’t someone make a smartwatch that looks like the Italian beauty i’m Watch, but that has all of the innovative and exciting features of the Kreyos Meteor? Must we simply wait for Apple or Google to bestow the holy grail of smartwatches upon us? Also, we are not fans of low res monochrome displays. It is 2013 … get on the phone to Plastic Logic and hit us with some energy efficient color already!

Well, of all the lower price point smartwatches to roll through crowdfunding central as of late, this is one of our favorites. The design and overall look of the watch will not “wow” your friends, but is acceptable for casual use. Where this watch really shines is in its unique and innovative feature set. We would really like to see one of the prototypes, for if Kreyos has been able to put together an effortless working user interface, the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch would definitely move into our Top 5 best smartwatches list.


Kreyos Meteor: [Company Website]

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