Amiigo Activity Tracker Coming Soon

Amiigo Activity Tracker Fitness Bracelet

The Amigo Activity Tracker is expected to ship to Indiegogo backers within the next two weeks. Having exceeded its crowdfunding goal back in March of 2013, original backers of the Amiigo have begun to get a little anxious. However, the company recently announced that the engineering issues have been ironed out and manufacturing has begun. … [Read More]

Adidas miCoach SMART RUN Activity Tracker Announced

Adidas miCoach Smart Run Activity Tracker

Adidas has announced a Novemeber 1st release of their new Adidas miCoach SMART RUN … an activity tracker aimed at competing with the Nike Fuelband. While most news sources are incorrectly referring to the Smart Run as a smartwatch, it is actually a simple activity tracker designed to help runners monitor and store run related … [Read More]

Compare Activity Trackers

Compare Activity Trackers

Activity Trackers, also known as Fitness Trackers, are just becoming a legitimate means with which to track one’s exercise regiment or daily calorie burn through basic movement. The emerging wearable computing market, in the form of smartwatches and smart glasses, has proven to developers and manufacturers that consumers are seeking to make biometric monitoring and … [Read More]

Top 5 Activity Trackers Of 2014

Activity Trackers 2014

We are constantly discussing and evaluating all activity trackers / fitness bands from concept through production, attempting to determine the best activity tracker available. At this time, the market is still in its infancy and there is no one fitness band that truly does it all. It appears to us that manufacturers have decided to … [Read More]

Nike Fuelband, Exercise Tracking Watch Review

Nike+ Fuelband

The Nike Fuelband, a smart exercise tracker/fitness tracker, is gaining in popularity amongst exercise and technology enthusiasts eager to document and share their physical prowess via social media. However, the true motivation for purchasing the minimalist black bracelet should be simply that … motivation. For that is where the Nike Fuelband strength lies, in motivating … [Read More]