Agent Smartwatch Crushes Funding Goal

Agent Smartwatch

Agent smartwatch absolutely crushed its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal today, bringing in more than $1,000,000 compared to its campaign objective of only $100,000. While not quite as stellar as first-to-the-trough Kickstarter darling Pebble, any time you exceed your venture capital grab by more than 1,000%, you know you have done something right. Agent is now the … [Read More]

Smartwatch Marketing Via Crowdfunding

Pebble E-Paper Smartwatches

Crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, seem to be the most popular method for bringing a smartwatch to market as of late. The success of this fledgling capitalization method has been quite varied. From crowd favorites, such as the Pebble or the Agent smartwatch that absolutely demolished their financing goals, to less popular offerings, … [Read More]

Agent Smartwatch On Kickstarter, On Fire

Agent Smartwatch

The Agent smartwatch is the latest proposed wearable computing device to seek initial capitalization from the public on Kickstarter. A collaboration of talent from Secret Labs and House of Horology, the Agent claims to be, “The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology.” And, in some aspects, it is. The Agent smartwatch’s self-proclaimed statuts as a … [Read More]

Vachen Smartwatch Kickstarter Success

Vachen Smartwatch Internals

The Vachen Smartwatch is coming to life! The Korean/United States venture exceeded its Kickstarter goal by 10% today, receiving $110,128 in crowdfunding. Design is complete, prototypes have been tested, manufacturing is ready and production will begin as soon as funding is received. Vachen smartwatch creator, Won Rhee, says, “Yes, we are ready to go.” The … [Read More]

Vachen Smartwatch Funding, 2 Weeks Left

Vachen Smartwatch

With two weeks to go, Vachen Smartwatch has achieved 66% of its $100,000 Kickstarter crowd funding campaign goal. Catering to both iOS and Android smartphone users, the bluetooth connected, wifi enabled smartwatch is hoping for a last minute subscriber rally so that its unique feature set can join the ranks of wearable computing devices currently … [Read More]

Cookoo Smartwatch Keychain Key Fob Shipping

Cookoo Smart Key Fob

ConnecteDevice, makers of the Cookoo Smartwatch, just announced that their highly anticipated Keychain Key Fob and connected app are now shipping. Initially announced with Cookoo’s Kickstarter crowd funding campaign last year year, the digitally tethered key tracking device is now on its way to early subscribers. The Cookoo Keychain Key Fob is finally in the … [Read More]

Pebble E-Paper Watch For iPhone, Android Review

Pebble Watch

The Pebble E-Paper Watch has finally materialized, for better or worse. The Pebble is not a novel idea, but is novel in its implementation when compared to other currently available smartwatches. Unfortunately, while the ability to check notifications from your wrist without digging into your pockets every time your pants vibrate is extremely convenient, the … [Read More]