Amiigo Activity Tracker Coming Soon

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The Amigo Activity Tracker is expected to ship to Indiegogo backers within the next two weeks. Having exceeded its crowdfunding goal back in March of 2013, original backers of the Amiigo have begun to get a little anxious. However, the company recently announced that the engineering issues have been ironed out and manufacturing has begun.

The Amiigo Activity Tracker is a unique fitness band that intends to address some of the shortcomings typically complained of in current generation exercise band offerings. Specifically, it will include multiple 3-axis accelerometers for improved motion tracking accuracy, a pulse-oximeter for tracking cardio function and blood oxygen levels, and a skin temperature sensor. In addition, wireless charging will be employed to replenish the 6 day battery. Another common complaint for typical activity trackers is that they do not work for cyclists. The Amiigo addresses this issue by providing toe clips to monitor leg movement … a novel approach.

The data capture and analysis app will initially be available for iOS and for several popular Android based smartphones with full Android support to follow shortly. We haven’t had the opportunity to use the software yet, but Amiigo’s screen shots look great. However, one concern we have is with Amiigo’s use of a proprietary points system. It will be interesting to see how that is implemented, but actual calorie burn analysis will also be available for those inputing exercise data into a separate fitness tracking program.

Amiigo Activity Tracker Fitness Bracelet

We are on the short-list to receive the Amiigo Activity Tracker and are anxious to see if the advanced sensors are reliable and whether they add to our regular fitness tracking routine. In that regard, more data is generally better as long as it is accurate. Stayed tuned for our upcoming review to see if the Amiigo Activity Tracker makes it into our Top 5 List of Favorite Activity Trackers.


Amiigo Activity Tracker: [Company Website]

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