SmartFitty Fitness Tracking Smartwatch Coming

SmartFitty Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

SmartFitty, a fitness tracking smartwatch from Orange County, California, may be produced in September of this year after all. SmartFitty unsuccessfully sought Indiegogo crowdfunding 3 months ago, achieving only 10% of its $100,000 funding goal. However, yesterday, the campaign organizer stated that they are in the process of securing private equity and are vetting the … [Read More]

Philips Fluid Smartwatch Concept By Dinard da Mata

Philips Fluid Smartwatch Concept By Dinard da Mata

iWatch concept images are flooding the internet in anticipation of Apple‘s next “One more thing!” Most look like typical large-faced watches that substitue an electronic display for the traditional hands and dial. However, with Apple’s recently granted “slap bracelet” patent, it appears that the much anticipated iWatch will take another form. Brazilian industrial designer, Dinard … [Read More]

VIDEO: Smartwatch Flexible Display By Plastic Logic

Plastic Logic Flexible Smartwatch

Plastic Logic, maker of flexible e-paper displays, has revealed an intriguing new application for its revolutionary technology: the smartwatch. Offering up working prototypes of its displays in the form of flexible wrap-around smartwatches, Plastic Logic serves up the future of smartwatch technology and it is piping HOT! The Plastic Logic flexible displays are less than … [Read More]

Pebble E-Paper Watch For iPhone, Android Review

Pebble Watch

The Pebble E-Paper Watch has finally materialized, for better or worse. The Pebble is not a novel idea, but is novel in its implementation when compared to other currently available smartwatches. Unfortunately, while the ability to check notifications from your wrist without digging into your pockets every time your pants vibrate is extremely convenient, the … [Read More]