VEA Buddy Smartwatch Funding Ends Tomorrow

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The VEA Buddy smartwatch Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ends at 11:59 PM Pacific time tomorrow. Although the company has achieved only slightly more than 33% of its original funding goal thus far, thy assures us that the VEA Buddy “will be produced!” Another crowdfunded smartwatch hits the market.

VEA Digital, makers of the VEA SPORTS watch phone, began their funding campaign on Indiegogo 3 months ago, hoping to raise $320,000 to assist with manufacturing costs of their new Buddy smartwatch. As of today, they have received $112,568 in crowd source contributions. While typically such a result would precluded funding of the project, VEA has promised that, “Every contributor will have their Buddy!!” In addition, Brigitte Bensaid, Chief Executive Officer of VEA Digital, has informed us that she will be traveling to China at the end of this month to “validate the design and put the watches into mass production.” She intends to personally make sure that the colors, materials, and manufacturing specifications are all of top quality.

VEA Buddy Smartwatch 3

The VEA Buddy smartwatch will sport a 2″ ultra high contrast tactile capacitive screen, thus providing a super bright, high resolution color image. With an ample 8GB of internal storage, VEA’s latest offering also boasts excellent battery life: 10 days of actual use or 2 weeks of standby. Hoping to attract a large customer base, the Buddy smartwatch will support Apple’s iOS running iPhone, Android based smartphones, and Microsoft Windows phones.

VEA Digital is a technologically advanced watchmaker possessing a great deal of experience. With early prototypes already having created industry buzz, we can’t wait to see the final products roll of the line and make their way to our awaiting wrists. The watches are expected to begin shipping in June. The retail price after the Indiegogo campaign concludes will be $249. So if you would like to pick one for a more than reasonable $150, surf on over to the Indiegogo campaign before tomorrow and lock in the lower price.


VEA Buddy Smartwatch: [Company Website]

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