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Boddie Smartwatch just landed on crowd funding platform Indigiegogo, offering “the ability to take a break from technology” and, by far, the most … ummm, artistic … product launch video we have viewed so far. Developed by Rearden Technology out of Poland, the Boddie smartwatch is designed primarily to be an extension of your iOS or Android enabled smartphone. Want to stare at your monitor with your mouth open and head titled to the side for seven minutes? Then make the jump and check out the video … you have been warned!

Direct from the Eastern Block, the Boddie Smartwatch is a bit of an enigma … as is its sales pitch. If you read our recent article Smartwatch Marketing Via Crowd Funding, you will recall that we strongly recommend that crowd source smartwatch developers invest in their presentation video. Well, the boys at Boddie did just that, and offered up a mini art-house movie to entice potential subscribers to open their wallets. And, while the Boddie video isn’t exactly what we had in mind, you can never quite tell what is going to take off and go viral. Accordingly, we will not attempt to hazard a guess as to how this campaign will fare, opting to simply sit back and enjoy the show.

Boddie Smartwatch By Rearden Technology

A self-proclaimed “personal assistant on your wrist,” the Boddie smartwatch hopes to interconnect with three aspects of the user’s life: lifestyle, exercise, and work. With regard to lifestyle, the Boddie will provide alerts and allow you to respond to phone calls, text messages, and social media notifications. The Boddie will also allow you to control the music on your connected smartphone and remote release your camera’s shutter. On the exercise front, the watch functions as a pedometer, tracks calories burned, and monitors body temperature. For business, the Boddie will alert you to calendar notifications and act as a remote control for Power Point slides via gestural tracking. All in all, a nice feature set has been squeezed into this startup’s initial smartwatch offering.

A 1.44″ display will be employed and the smartwatch will run for an acceptable 7 days on a single charge. RAM and storage on the unit are minimal, but it is intended to function as an extension to your smartphone, and not as a stond alone device. Right now, the Boddie can be yours for a preorder early bird price of $99 on crowd funding springboard Indiegogo. So far, they have only reached 1% of their $100,000 goal. However, the campaign was just launched and Rearden Technology has an ample 46 days left to hit the mark. Good luck guys …

… one more thing, watch the video!


Boddie Smartwatch: [Company Website Not Reachable]

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