SmartFitty Fitness Tracking Smartwatch Coming

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SmartFitty, a fitness tracking smartwatch from Orange County, California, may be produced in September of this year after all. SmartFitty unsuccessfully sought Indiegogo crowdfunding 3 months ago, achieving only 10% of its $100,000 funding goal. However, yesterday, the campaign organizer stated that they are in the process of securing private equity and are vetting the supply chain intending to begin production in September as originally planned.

The SmartFitty fitness tracking smartwatch is designed primarily as a fitness and lifestyle tracking watch. It monitors how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone, and calculates how many calories you have burned. In addition, the device allows the user to set predefined goals and provides an alert once a goal is achieved. The SmartFitty also offers an integrated sleep montitor which tracks both light and deep sleep cycles thus allowing the wearer to discover hidden sleep patterns and adjust her environment accordingly.

SmartFitty Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

The SmartFitty is anchored by a high resolution curved touchscreen monochrome ePaper display. It possesses an accelerometer and precision motion tracker to facilitate its health monitoring features. It is both iOS and Android compatible and will pair with a smartphone via bluetooth 4.0. The battery is claimed to last 7 days, but no information regarding recharging has been provided.

Although many of the specs have yet to be disclosed, or likely even determined, there is one thing about the SmartFitty watch that we really like … its aesthetics. Very clean lines and an elegant appearance set this smartwatch apart from recent wearable computing offerings. Based solely on appearance, this is our second favorite smartwatch, right behind the Italian i’m Watch and in front of the Martian Passport. We also like that there is a working prototype to show, even if not yet encased, as we feel it shows the requisite amount of effort on behalf of the company seeking funding. Combine that with their experience in mobile software development and this is one smartwatch project that we would like to see succeed.

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