Apple iWatch Band Patent, A “Slap Bracelet”

Apple iWatch Band Patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published new Apple patent application #20130044215 for what appears to be an Apple iWatch that resembles a smartwatch slap bracelet. Does this new evidence support current iWatch rumor frenzy or does it represent an different product entirely? The timing is interesting to say the least … as is … [Read More]

Thalmic Labs Myo Gaming Gesture Control Device

Thalmic Labs Myo

The Thalmic Labs Myo Gesture Control device is a one-size fits all arm band that tracks muscular and dimensional movement, converting it to user input suitable for various applications … such as a smartwatch. “Unleash your inner Jedi!” The Thalmic Labs mantra might actually be a fair description of what the Myo can help you … [Read More]

Nike Fuelband, Exercise Tracking Watch Review

Nike+ Fuelband

The Nike Fuelband, a smart exercise tracker/fitness tracker, is gaining in popularity amongst exercise and technology enthusiasts eager to document and share their physical prowess via social media. However, the true motivation for purchasing the minimalist black bracelet should be simply that … motivation. For that is where the Nike Fuelband strength lies, in motivating … [Read More]

Pebble E-Paper Watch For iPhone, Android Review

Pebble Watch

The Pebble E-Paper Watch has finally materialized, for better or worse. The Pebble is not a novel idea, but is novel in its implementation when compared to other currently available smartwatches. Unfortunately, while the ability to check notifications from your wrist without digging into your pockets every time your pants vibrate is extremely convenient, the … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Rumors Abound, The Time Is Now

Dick Tracy Smartwatch

Men have been yearning for materialization of the smartwatch since Dick Tracy first donned the 2-Way Wrist Radio in 1946. Over the years, many examples have come and gone, but none have withstood the proverbial test of time. Has the future of microprocessor enhanced wrist-bound chronometers finally arrived? Possibly so. Rumors abound, as of late, … [Read More]