Apple Watch: The Complete Guide

Apple Watch Guide

Summary Apple Watch is a line of smartwatches designed and manufactured by Apple. Originally released on April 24, 2015, it quickly became one of the best-selling wearables of all-time. Focusing on health, fitness, music, environment, communication, the watch is a central piece of XX connected life. It operates both in conjunction with the user’s iPhone … [Read More]

Apple iWatch: Everything You Need To Know

Apple iWatch Concept

This page provides a comprehensive compilation of current Apple iWatch rumors, facts, and analysis. Cites to supporting source material for each rumor, fact, and assertion has been provided for your convenience. The latest leaks out of Cupertino suggest that an Apple iWatch will be announced before Christmas with shipping to coincide with the holiday season. … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Concept By Todd Ham

Apple iWatch Concept by Todd Ham

The Apple iWatch is, likely, the most highly anticipated tech gadget for 2014. Predictions about potential features and release dates have been flooding the internet fanning the flames of desire. Talented designer Todd Ham recently gave form to his vision of Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch including video of a quite workable iOS 7-based operating system. The … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Concept By Martin Hajek Is AMAZING!

Apple iWatch Martin Hajek Concept

The Apple iWatch campaign created by Martin Hajek is truly one of the most amazing concept renderings we have ever seen. Simple sophistication, remarkable detail, and just plain beautiful. Jon Ivey has surely reviewed Hajek’s work, in the hallowed halls of Apple, and must have been as impressed as we are. If this smartwatch were … [Read More]

iOS 7 iWatch Bluetooth Smart Ready Support

Apple iWatch Bluetooth Smart Ready

Apple iOS 7 has significantly expanded its Bluetooth Smart Ready support which could be an indicator that the highly anticipated Apple iWatch is not far behind. This Smart Ready enhancement also paves the way for the seamless integration of other wearable computing devices such as fitness trackers, connected medical devices, and possibly even iGlasses … … [Read More]

Foxconn iPhone Smartwatch Revealed

Foxconn Smartwatch For iPhone

A Foxconn smartwatch was recently revealed by Taiwans’ Hon Hai Precision Industry. While media outlets have attempted to spice up headlines by implying the wearable computing device will be an iWatch competitor, in reality it is actually a slightly more sophisticated version of the Nike Fuelband. Accordingly, no cannibalization of the market for a potential … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Curved Flexible Battery Patent

Apple iWatch Curved Battery Patent

The Apple Watch just received some more patent love, with Apple securing government protection for another component of its presumed slap bracelet smartwatch: a curved flexible battery. Coupled with Apple‘s recent patent for a “wearable video device” with a curved flexible display, it appears that all of the necessary pieces are being lined up for … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Trademark Filed In Russia, Jamaica

Apple iWatch Concept 10

Apple has filed an Apple Watch trademark application for use of the term in Russia. Said application claims a priority registration date of December 3, 2012, based upon a prior iWatch trademark application filed in Jamaica. If both applications are granted, and Apple subsequently files an iWatch trademark application in the United States, they would … [Read More]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Discusses iWatch At D11

Apple CEO Tim Cook Discusses iWatch

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, discussed the potential for an Apple Watch at D11 this week. When asked directly by Walt Mossberg if wearable devices such as smart watches will be part of the post-PC era, Cook revealed that such technology “could be another branch of the [Apple] tree.” The iWatch is coming … Technology analysts … [Read More]

Apple Tests 1.5″ OLED iWatch Display

Apple is currently testing a 1.5″ OLED display for the highly anticipated iWatch according to Taiwanese newspaper the Economic Daily Times. Apparently, a 1.8″ OLED iWatch display from RiTdisplay was initially being tested, but was ultimately rejected as Apple thought the screen was too large. This news provides a little fodder for those eagerly waiting … [Read More]