Pebble Smartwatch Update, Mediocre Faces SDK

Pebble Smartwatch Faces Update

Pebble Technology, makers of the Pebble Smartwatch, just announced the impending release of a new developer SDK. Unfortunately, in addition to the sad state of firmware and software already available, it appears that the upcoming SDK is also only an alpha release. Still, as Pebble is undoubtedly the most popular smartwatch currently available, this release … [Read More]

VEA Buddy, Bluetooth Smartwatch Says Hello

VEA Buddy Smartwatch

With the advent of social media, and the ensuing technological craze that came with it, many companies have looked at this newly developing market with thoughts toward innovating and improving it. Many consumers already have smartphones, tablets, laptops, so what’s left? According to French company VEA Digital, the answer is the VEA Buddy smartwatch. The … [Read More]

2004 Microsoft SPOT Watch Smartwatch Review

Microsoft SPOT Watch

The Microsoft SPOT Watch smartwatch was revolutionary, smart, and sexy — at least for technophile geeks. It was also a major commercial failure. The first SPOT Watch models were released to great fanfare in 2004, but new product development ceased only two years later. The Microsoft SPOT Watch line was officially killed in 2008, with … [Read More]

2013 Year Of The Smartwatch

2013 Year Of The Smartwatch

Rarely is a new technology released to the public that defies categorization. As computers, laptops, touchscreen tablets, and smartphones have slowly melded into a single industry of personalized tech gadgets, now comes a new curious item to add to this growing list: the smartwatch. For decades, a number of interesting technologies have been thrust upon … [Read More]

Top 5 Activity Trackers Of 2014

Activity Trackers 2014

We are constantly discussing and evaluating all activity trackers / fitness bands from concept through production, attempting to determine the best activity tracker available. At this time, the market is still in its infancy and there is no one fitness band that truly does it all. It appears to us that manufacturers have decided to … [Read More]

Swatch Skeptical of Apple iWatch Role

Nick Hayek Swatch Smartwatch

As rumors and hearsay about the Apple iWatch became vaguely-sourced reports last month, predictions concerning the hypothetical smartwatch have snowballed into a deluge of excitement and analysis.  The naysayers are many, including high profile skeptic Nick Hayek, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Swiss watchmaker Swatch.  However, Apple has been consistently successful in creating new markets in spite of visionless experts … [Read More]

i’m Watch Smartwatch Review

i'm Watch Smartwatch

After a shaky start, the Italian made i’m Watch Smartwatch has finally hit American shores, although in short supply. Labeling itself the “the world’s first real smartwatch,” great claims have been made and great expectations were had for this aesthetically pleasing smartwatch. Does the im Watch live up to the hype? Read on to find … [Read More]

Best Apple iWatch Concept Video EVER!

Zach King iWatch Concept

Zach King has put together an absolutely AMAZING Apple iWatch concept video. In his vision, the 2019 iWatch boasts a 3D video projector, revolutionary device to device transfer technology, fingerprint recognition, cellular video conferencing, and graces the arm of a pretty blonde. Smart watches just don’t get better than that! This video alone should merit … [Read More]

Allerta inPulse Smartwatch

Allerta inPulse Smartwatch takes a first-look at the Allerta InPulse smartwatch. The inPulse smart watch connects to your BlackBerry or Android phone via Bluetooth, making sure you are instantly informed of incoming phone calls, text messages, and emails. When people try to contact you, your cell phone will send a signal to your watch, your watch will … [Read More]

VIDEO: WIMM Labs Smartwatch Software

WIMM Labs Smartwatch Software

WIMM Labs develops wearable software platforms and software development kits (SDKs) for smartwatches and other body-bound connected devices. Fundamental to the WIMM Platform is an elegant, simple touch screen interface that hides the complexity and power of the underlying technology. The WIMM smartwatch can be loaded with a variety of Android-based Micro Apps created by … [Read More]