Apple iWatch Curved Flexible Battery Patent

Apple iWatch Curved Battery Patent

The Apple Watch just received some more patent love, with Apple securing government protection for another component of its presumed slap bracelet smartwatch: a curved flexible battery. Coupled with Apple‘s recent patent for a “wearable video device” with a curved flexible display, it appears that all of the necessary pieces are being lined up for … [Read More]

Google Smartwatch Tech Stolen From Oso

Google Smartwatch By Oso

Search engine mega-company Google may be releasing a smartwatch soon as it recently received a patent for a”smart-watch including flip up display.” However, if Google’s concept drawings look familiar, catch an episode of toddler favorite Special Agent Oso on the Disney Channel.  Apparently, the Google engineering team has been seeking inspiration from the Imagineers at Disney. On … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Bezel, Band User Interface

Apple iWatch Squeeze-Metal Patent

Apple was recently granted a patent for “sensing capacitance changes of a housing of an electronic device.” As Apple loves to make gadgets out of metal, this new squeeze-metal technology could easily be applicable to the entirety of their product line. However, the ability to use a device’s housing as a user interface would be … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Band Patent, A “Slap Bracelet”

Apple iWatch Band Patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published new Apple patent application #20130044215 for what appears to be an Apple iWatch that resembles a smartwatch slap bracelet. Does this new evidence support current iWatch rumor frenzy or does it represent an different product entirely? The timing is interesting to say the least … as is … [Read More]