Top 5 Smartwatches Of 2020

Smart Watches 2014

We are constantly discussing and evaluating all smartwatches and smartwatch apps from concept through production, including after-sale firmware and software updates, attempting to determine the best smartwatch. At this time, the market is still in its infancy and there is no smartwatch that truly stands above the rest. It appears to us that, in their … [Read More]

Martian Smartwatch: The Complete Guide

Martian Voice Command Watches

The Martian Watch is the only smartwatch currently shipping that has successfully targeted the sweet spot between classic timepiece and cutting-edge wearable technology. Martian, like current market leader Pebble, started out as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that successfully funded in mid-2012. However, where the Martian Watch differs from the Pebble is in its design philosophy … [Read More]

Martian Smartwatches Invade AT&T

Martian Smartwatches

Martian Watches, developer of our second favorite smartwatch of 2013, the Martian Passport, just brought the emerging smartwatch niche a little more into the mainstream by landing a lucrative distribution deal with AT&T. The official brick and mortar launch took place on Friday, September 13, 2013, at AT&T’s flagship retail location in Chicago. AT&T’s website … [Read More]

Martian Watch Update, WhatsApp Compatible

Martian Voice Command Watches

Martian announced today that its popular Martian Watch is now compatible with the WhatsApp Messenger and LINE apps on Android smartphones with firmware update v1.43. WhatsApp Messenger and LINE are mobile messaging apps that allow you to exchange messages without having to pay your service provider for SMS. For those trying to untether from SMS … [Read More]

2013 Year Of The Smartwatch

2013 Year Of The Smartwatch

Rarely is a new technology released to the public that defies categorization. As computers, laptops, touchscreen tablets, and smartphones have slowly melded into a single industry of personalized tech gadgets, now comes a new curious item to add to this growing list: the smartwatch. For decades, a number of interesting technologies have been thrust upon … [Read More]