Allerta inPulse Smartwatch

Sharing is caring! takes a first-look at the Allerta InPulse smartwatch. The inPulse smart watch connects to your BlackBerry or Android phone via Bluetooth, making sure you are instantly informed of incoming phone calls, text messages, and emails. When people try to contact you, your cell phone will send a signal to your watch, your watch will vibrate to grab your attention and provide you with more information on it’s color screen.

The Allerta inPulse smartwatch has a 1.3″ 96×128 full color display, an ARM7 microcontroller running at 52MHz, 32kB total program space, and 8kB RAM. It is powered by a 150mAh lithium-ion polymer battery and is charged via a microUSB. Battery life is listed at 30 hours on stand by, with 7 hours of actual use time.

By default, the Allerta inPulse watch is pre-loaded with only the notification app. However, several other apps such as watch faces, weather, and games are available for download. In addition, a SDK has been released for creating your own inPulse apps.

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