Vachen Smartwatch Kickstarter Success

The Vachen Smartwatch is coming to life! The Korean/United States venture exceeded its Kickstarter goal by 10% today, receiving $110,128 in crowdfunding. Design is complete, prototypes have been tested, manufacturing is ready and production will begin as soon as funding is received. Vachen smartwatch creator, Won Rhee, says, “Yes, we are ready to go.” The burgeoning smartwatch market continues to expand.

More specs have been provided by Vachen following the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign. The Vachen smartwatch will be built around a 1GHz ARM processor down-clocked to 700 MHz to achieve an optimal balance between performance and battery usage. The Android operating system has been optimized for the watch and will be employed in conjunction with Vachen developed smartwatch apps. Rhee says, “every smartwatch App is working well in the Vachen smartwatch.” SMS, Email, and incoming call alerts wil be received through haptic vibration and via on screen display.

Rhee has worked continuously throughout the funding campaign to prepare the smartwatch for production and claims that Vachen is on schedule and still plans to ship in July. CE certification is expected to take approximately 3 weeks, as they only need to certify Bluetooth and Wifi.

Miss the Kickstarter campaign but interested in picking up an early Vachen smartwatch at the preorder price? Contact Won Rhee through the Vachen website and stake your claim. The last time we checked, there were still units available for $179 and up.

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Vachen Smartwatch: [Company Website]