Cookoo Smartwatch Keychain Key Fob Shipping

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ConnecteDevice, makers of the Cookoo Smartwatch, just announced that their highly anticipated Keychain Key Fob and connected app are now shipping. Initially announced with Cookoo’s Kickstarter crowd funding campaign last year year, the digitally tethered key tracking device is now on its way to early subscribers.

The Cookoo Keychain Key Fob is finally in the hands of the shipping company, on its way to early subscribers of Cookoo’s Kickstarter campaign. Although a little behind schedule, this unique technology presents a feature offered by no other smartwatch manufacturers … yet.

The Cookoo Key Fob pairs with the user’s smartphone, allowing her to initiate an audible alarm from the fob should she find herself unable to locate the set. The user can also initiate an audible alarm in her smartphone from the key fob, should it become lodged in the ever-concealing couch cushions. This is a highly useful feature that, while implemented in various other forms, has not, until now, been paired to a smartwatch or key fob for ease of use. Of all the features offered by the emerging smartwatch market, this is surely one of the most practical. In addition, pressing the keychain’s command button will allow you to drop pins and check in on Facebook.

As of today, Cookoo’s Keychain pairs only with the Samsung Galaxy S4, However, Cookoo assures us that iOS and standard Android integration will be forthcoming. Also, additional features, offered both by Cookoo and independent developers, will be added in the near future.

Interested in picking one up for yourself? Then head on over to the Cookoo Store and grab one while they’re hot.


ConnecteDevice Key Fob: [Company Website]

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