Vachen Smartwatch Kickstarter Success

Vachen Smartwatch Internals

The Vachen Smartwatch is coming to life! The Korean/United States venture exceeded its Kickstarter goal by 10% today, receiving $110,128 in crowdfunding. Design is complete, prototypes have been tested, manufacturing is ready and production will begin as soon as funding is received. Vachen smartwatch creator, Won Rhee, says, “Yes, we are ready to go.” The … [Read More]

Vachen Smartwatch Funding, 2 Weeks Left

Vachen Smartwatch

With two weeks to go, Vachen Smartwatch has achieved 66% of its $100,000 Kickstarter crowd funding campaign goal. Catering to both iOS and Android smartphone users, the bluetooth connected, wifi enabled smartwatch is hoping for a last minute subscriber rally so that its unique feature set can join the ranks of wearable computing devices currently … [Read More]