iOS 7 iWatch Bluetooth Smart Ready Support

Apple iOS 7 has significantly expanded its Bluetooth Smart Ready support which could be an indicator that the highly anticipated Apple iWatch is not far behind. This Smart Ready enhancement also paves the way for the seamless integration of other wearable computing devices such as fitness trackers, connected medical devices, and possibly even iGlasses … Apple’s rumored response to Google Glass.

Bluetooth Smart Ready devices are designed to gather specific pieces of information and send them to a Smart Ready hub, such as the iPhone. They accomplish this task using minimal power, an ability extremely important to wearable computing devices where battery conservation is paramount. The extended Bluetooth Smart Ready capabilities recently implemented by Apple will allow the iWatch to communicate with the iPhone and receive real-time push notifications without significantly drawing upon the diminutive battery.

Apple iWatch Bluetooth Smart Ready

Apple’s improved Bluetooth Smart Ready support will also allow other Smart Ready device manufacturers to to more easily integrate their products into the Apple portfolio. For example, the highly popular Pebble smartwatch currently requires a complicated work-around to enable communication with the iPhone, a primary function of the watch. However, with Apple’s new Bluetooth upgrade, seamless pairing and behind the scenes data transfers can occur, thus greatly enhancing the user experience.

Apple iWatch Bluetooth Smart Ready

Opening up the ability for third party manufactures to easily integrate their systems into the Apple fold appears to contravene the Jobsian closed system philosophy. However, Apple can still maintain a modicum of control via their power to deny App Store submissions. If they don’t like the way that a third party device interacts with their products, they can veto its corresponding app and effectively preclude integration of the device. Through innovative means of making symbiosis easier for third party product manufacturers, Apple has again found a way to bring the best personal computing experience to its customers.


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