Apple Secretly Reveals New iWatch For WWDC

Apple iWatch WWDC 2013

Apple has secretly revealed that they will be announcing a new iWatch smartwatch at WWDC 2013. Cleverly hidden within their recently released WWDC banner are components that look interestingly similar to several competitor smartwatch watchfaces. Couple that with Tim Cook’s tease of “exciting new product categories” and suggestion that the new products will be announced … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Features We Want To See

Apple iWatch Features

As preemptive suggestions and criticism continue to swirl around Apple’s hypothetical iWatch, technophiles around the world are speculating how this rumored smartwatch can succeed in a field where most have failed. From the bulky and awkward Samsung SPH-WP10 released in 1999, to the Swatch Paparazzi series launched in 2004, and the Microsoft SPOT watch released … [Read More]

Russian iWatch Concept, Sir John High-Five

Russian iWatch Concept Spoof

On this warm spring day, we provide you with a unique opportunity to see the long-awaited Watch: a revolutionary new gadget that will change your life.  Sir Jonathan Hi-Five was engaged to develop the design of this smartwatch, ensuring beauty that is sure to amaze. As can be seen from the video, the iWatch concept … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Bezel, Band User Interface

Apple iWatch Squeeze-Metal Patent

Apple was recently granted a patent for “sensing capacitance changes of a housing of an electronic device.” As Apple loves to make gadgets out of metal, this new squeeze-metal technology could easily be applicable to the entirety of their product line. However, the ability to use a device’s housing as a user interface would be … [Read More]

Samsung Smartwatch vs Apple iWatch

Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung has confirmed rumors that it is developing a smartwatch, stating “We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long … and are working very hard to get ready for it.” Interestingly, this confirmation comes from the executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, Lee Young Hee, which leads us to assume that the upcoming … [Read More]

2013 Year Of The Smartwatch

2013 Year Of The Smartwatch

Rarely is a new technology released to the public that defies categorization. As computers, laptops, touchscreen tablets, and smartphones have slowly melded into a single industry of personalized tech gadgets, now comes a new curious item to add to this growing list: the smartwatch. For decades, a number of interesting technologies have been thrust upon … [Read More]

Swatch Skeptical of Apple iWatch Role

Nick Hayek Swatch Smartwatch

As rumors and hearsay about the Apple iWatch became vaguely-sourced reports last month, predictions concerning the hypothetical smartwatch have snowballed into a deluge of excitement and analysis.  The naysayers are many, including high profile skeptic Nick Hayek, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Swiss watchmaker Swatch.  However, Apple has been consistently successful in creating new markets in spite of visionless experts … [Read More]

Best Apple iWatch Concept Video EVER!

Zach King iWatch Concept

Zach King has put together an absolutely AMAZING Apple iWatch concept video. In his vision, the 2019 iWatch boasts a 3D video projector, revolutionary device to device transfer technology, fingerprint recognition, cellular video conferencing, and graces the arm of a pretty blonde. Smart watches just don’t get better than that! This video alone should merit … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Band Patent, A “Slap Bracelet”

Apple iWatch Band Patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published new Apple patent application #20130044215 for what appears to be an Apple iWatch that resembles a smartwatch slap bracelet. Does this new evidence support current iWatch rumor frenzy or does it represent an different product entirely? The timing is interesting to say the least … as is … [Read More]

Apple iWatch Rumors Abound, The Time Is Now

Dick Tracy Smartwatch

Men have been yearning for materialization of the smartwatch since Dick Tracy first donned the 2-Way Wrist Radio in 1946. Over the years, many examples have come and gone, but none have withstood the proverbial test of time. Has the future of microprocessor enhanced wrist-bound chronometers finally arrived? Possibly so. Rumors abound, as of late, … [Read More]