Apple iWatch Concept By Todd Ham

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The Apple iWatch is, likely, the most highly anticipated tech gadget for 2014. Predictions about potential features and release dates have been flooding the internet fanning the flames of desire. Talented designer Todd Ham recently gave form to his vision of Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch including video of a quite workable iOS 7-based operating system.

The Apple iWatch is likely to be released in 2014. The wearable tech market is just beginning to explode and this is right about the time that Apple likes to jump into the game. The form to be taken by an Apple smartwatch has been highly debated, with no real direction emerging from Cupertino. However, unless Apple pulls a rabbit out of its proverbial hat (as it has been known to do), there are really only two possibilities: a traditional watch body secured to the wrist by a watch band or a Nike Fuel-type wrap-around bracelet. Todd Ham’s simple, yet intricate, vision takes the latter approach, sporting a black rubberized bracelet with an integrated vertical touch screen display.

Apple iWatch Concept by Todd Ham

Todd Ham’s iWatch concept follows Apple’s design philosophy of sophistication through simplicity. The bright touch screen display is woven seamlessly into the black rubberized band, a single home button placed inobtrusively below, and two volume control buttons hidden on its flank. Sound familiar? Well, except for the rubberized band, we just described the iPhone. Ham’s design is also supported by Apple’s interesting slap-bracelet patent which, likewise, departs from the traditional timepiece aesthetic. Still, you never know what surprises Apple visionary Jon Ivey has up his sleeves.

We prefer products that stick to the basics, are limited to truly useful features, and do what they do really, really well.

Todd Ham’s Apple iWatch, unsurprisingly, is powered by the familiar iOS 7 which seems to lend itself perfectly to the emerging wearable technology market. Paired down to a more basic functionality, Ham’s iWatch iOS leaves the more complicated tasks, such as data input and editing, to the user’s iPhone or personal computer … which is really where they belong. We feel that several recent smartwatch offerings try to squeeze too many options into to small of a package which leave the wearables feeling bloated and incomplete. We prefer products that stick to the basics, are limited to truly useful features, and do what they do really, really well. That is what Todd Ham’s Apple iWatch concept conveys and we hope that Apple’s vision takes the same tact.


Apple iWatch Concept by Todd Ham: [Personal Website]

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