Apple iWatch Concept By Martin Hajek Is AMAZING!

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The Apple iWatch campaign created by Martin Hajek is truly one of the most amazing concept renderings we have ever seen. Simple sophistication, remarkable detail, and just plain beautiful. Jon Ivey has surely reviewed Hajek’s work, in the hallowed halls of Apple, and must have been as impressed as we are. If this smartwatch were available right now, it would be a runaway hit.

We first posted praise for Martin Hajek’s visionary Apple iWatch concepts back in March of 2013. Even before the smartwatch craze had begun its forward surge, Hajek’s designs were far superior to anything else being produced. In fact, his Apple iWatch renderings showed technophiles what was possible and helped stoke the flames of the burgeoning wearable tech market we currently enjoy. Now he is back with an enhanced revision, additional Colorful concepts, and some truly remarkable imaginary “in the wild” product shots. So, we have to ask: considering the uninspired state of current smartwatch design, why hasn’t one of these companies thrown a bunch of money at Hajek and harnessed his talent? It boggles the mind …

Apple iWatch Concept By Martin Hajek

The Apple iWatch concepts, provided by Hajek, are simple and elegant, exactly what we have come to expect from the Cupertino mothership. In addition, with a few exceptions, the features and components mirror the iWatch leaks, rumors and speculation currently buzzing throughout the smartwatch industry … curved Gorilla Glass over a retina display, front-facing FaceTime camera, Siri voice-control, and a tap and swipe “squeeze metal” bezel. The only rumored component lacking from Hajek’s iWatch is Apple’s patented “slap bracelet” band … which we are happy to do without. We definitely prefer the sophisticated look of a quality leather band over the rumored quick and easy slap band and hope that Apple follows Hajek’s lead.

Apple iWatch Colorful Concept By Martin Hajek

As impressive as Hajek’s iWatch designs are, his “on display in the Apple Store” renderings showing his smartwatch visions ready for purchase are even more so. His images come complete with marketing materials and advertising fodder on modeled up iPads. If Martin Hajek could solder and code, he would likely be churning these beauties out in his garage à la Jobs and Woz. Have we mentioned how impressed we are?

Apple iWatch Martin Hajek Product Shot 1
Apple iWatch Martin Hajek Product Shot 2

Interested in seeing some more of Marin Hajek’s Apple product concepts? Mash the source link below for some inspired next gen AppleTV and iPhone 6 designs … you will be happy you did. In the mean time, check out the video for a complete tour of Martin Hajek’s Apple iWatch 5S and 5C concepts.


Martin Hajek: [Personal Website]

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