Philips Fluid Smartwatch Concept By Dinard da Mata

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iWatch concept images are flooding the internet in anticipation of Apple‘s next “One more thing!” Most look like typical large-faced watches that substitue an electronic display for the traditional hands and dial. However, with Apple’s recently granted “slap bracelet” patent, it appears that the much anticipated iWatch will take another form. Brazilian industrial designer, Dinard da Mata, has dreamed up a smartwatch design that not only mirrors Apple’s patent drawings, but takes them to the next evolutionary level.

Dinard da Mata presents the Philips Fluid, a concept he refers to as a flexible smartphone worn on the wrist, more commonly referred to as a smartwatch. Da Mata’s design is based upon a flexible touch-sensitive OLED display, similar to the new e-paper prototype recently unveiled by Plastic Logic. There definitely seems to be a trend amongst smartwatch concept artists and developing manufacturers transitioning from electronically enhanced standard wristwatches to flexible form factors where unibody displays surround the wrist like a bracelet. Unsurprisingly, Apple foresaw the future of smartwatches more than two years ago, when it filed the patent application for its slap bracelet smartwatch.

Phillips Fluid Smartwatch Concept 2

Philips obviously has nothing to do with this amazing smartwatch concept. The designs are simply the product of an immensely talented designer seeking to be noticed by a saturated industry awash in untapped potential. However, the quality and detail of da Mata’s work is extraordinary and possesses the professionalism worthy of high acclaim. These images should definitely find their way to Sir Jonathan Ive‘s inbox if they haven’t already.

The user interface is both simple and sophisticated, offering what we assume would be an easy learning curve. In addition to standard smartphone communication abilities such as voice, email, text, and Skype, da Mata’s Fluid also offers Playstation-type gaming with touch sensitive controls integrated right into the screen. A movie player is also present, although internal storage on such a device would surely be limited. Still, wireless streaming of video content by providers such as Netflix or Hulu would be easy to accomplish with the presence of a sufficiently powerful processor.

Phillips Fluid Smartwatch Concept 3

Although simply a concept smartwatch from a talented industrial designer, we absolutely love the Philips Fluid and would have one adorning our wrists today if they existed. What about you? Would you buy da Mata’s Fluid if it was available today? Let da Mata know by mashing the like button below …

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