Google Glass: Everything You Need To Know

Google Glass: The Complete Guide

Google Glass is wearable technology in the form of hybrid computer-glasses or smart glasses. Developed by Google’s Project Glass research and development department, the smart glasses are comprised of an optical head-mounted display powered by a small frame-mounted computer possessing unit. Possessing processing power and ability similar to that of a smartphone, Google Glass can … [Read More]

Compare Smart Glasses

Compare Smart Glasses

Smart glasses, or smartglasses, are a wearable computing device in the form of computerized eyeglasses. Early smart glasses had limited functionality and typically employed non-interactive miniature video monitors that were simply plugged into a local video source. Modern devices possess enhanced data processing functionality, similar to a smartphone or tablet, and are able to run … [Read More]

Best Smart Glasses of 2017

Best Smart Glasses

We are constantly seeking out and evaluating all smart glasses, from their origins as vaporware through production and release, attempting to determine which will be the best smart glasses available for public consumption. At this time, the market is still in its infancy and the only true smart glasses to have been officially released (albeit … [Read More]

Glass Sim Google Glass App Prototyper

Glass Sim App Prototyper

Glass Sim, a Google Glass app prototype generator, is now available to all at A simple tool for conceptualizing prototype Google Glass apps, Glass Sim allows you to quickly generate a visualization of what Google Glass wearers will see through their smart glasses when using your app. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s free. … [Read More]

DJ Glassware Google Glass Media Control App

DJ Glassware Media Control App

DJ Glassware, a new Google Glass app developed by Lance Nanek, will control the media on your HTC One smartphone using voice commands. Since the developer release of the Google Glass smart glasses, rudimentary apps have begun to surface showing proof of concept for anticipated new features. DJ Glassware is one of the first Glass … [Read More]

Google Glass: Borgifying™ The Masses

Google Glass Borg

Riding the rising wave of body-borne connected devices, Google Glass, the search engine’s smart glasses offering, is expected to become publicly available late in 2013. However multi-functional the final product turns out to be, Google Glass will surely stimulate endless creative ideas for application and implementation. Google is not alone in its desire to Borgify™ … [Read More]

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses vs Google Glass

Vuzix M100 Prototype

If one were asked about the future of wearable computers, smart glasses in particular, they would most likely respond with knowledge of one product: Google Glass. While Google’s latest technology venture is soaking up the spotlight in the electronics world, Vuzix is already manufacturing and selling their own smart glasses and are currently developing the … [Read More]

It’s 2013 Put On Your Smart Glasses

2013 Smart Glasses

With Google Glass and various other smart glasses on the cusp of release, and the public’s excited clamoring, it’s important to take a step back and look at how modern technology advanced to the point where anyone could walk in public with a portable computer attached to their head. It’s an interesting exercise to observe … [Read More]