Compare Smart Glasses

Compare Smart Glasses

Smart glasses, or smartglasses, are a wearable computing device in the form of computerized eyeglasses. Early smart glasses had limited functionality and typically employed non-interactive miniature video monitors that were simply plugged into a local video source. Modern devices possess enhanced data processing functionality, similar to a smartphone or tablet, and are able to run … [Read More]

Best Smart Glasses of 2017

Best Smart Glasses

We are constantly seeking out and evaluating all smart glasses, from their origins as vaporware through production and release, attempting to determine which will be the best smart glasses available for public consumption. At this time, the market is still in its infancy and the only true smart glasses to have been officially released (albeit … [Read More]

GlassUp Augmented Reality Glasses on Indiegogo

GlassUp AR Smart Glasses

GlassUp Augmented Reality Glasses are available for pre order on Indiegogo, a new entry into the smart glasses market scheduled to ship in September of 2013. Fortunately, it appears that the GlassUp smart glasses have hit their second revision as their website now contains a product image that is much improved over what was presumed … [Read More]