Google Glass: Everything You Need To Know

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Google Glass is wearable technology in the form of hybrid computer-glasses or smart glasses. Developed by Google’s Project Glass research and development department, the smart glasses are comprised of an optical head-mounted display powered by a small frame-mounted computer possessing unit. Possessing processing power and ability similar to that of a smartphone, Google Glass can connect wirelessly to the Internet and is intended to function as an independent computing device or in symbiosis with the wearer’s smartphone. Popular features include on-board picture taking and video recording, GPS-based augmented reality navigation, and voice activated Google searches.

Although officially still in beta, Google Glass Explorer Edition has been made available to select wearable tech industry professionals for $1,500. Such early availability is intended to foster independent app development and assist with real-world evolution and bug abatement before the smart glasses are released to the general public.


Google Glass: [Company Website]

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