Dell Smartwatch Coming To Market

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The Dell Smartwatch may soon roll out as the suffering computer manufacturer attempts to quash its transition into irrelevancy. Contemplating a move into the bustling wearable computing market, Dell‘s global vice-president of personal computing, Sam Burd, confirmed “we’re exploring ideas in that space”.

A Dell smartwatch is not entirely unexpected. As Dell’s PC revenues continue to plummet, the once dominant computer maker has attempted to follow tech visionaries, such as Apple, into ancillary product markets. Dell first took a stab at competing with the iPhone with its Streak smartphone, but that was short-lived as buggy software and poor performance soured market acceptance. Dell is currently shipping iPad competitors with its XPS-10 and Latitude 10 tablets, hoping to gain a foothold via its corporate customers. However, to date, Dell’s sales of its tablet line are unremarkable. Next, Dell would like to throw its proverbial hat into the wearable computing ring. Although appearing extremely unfocused in its attempt to revive the struggling company, at least its board is making an effort to stem tide of revenue decline.

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So, another smartwatch is coming to market. Is Dell the right company to give the public the device it is craving? Not likely, but eventually it may be. Right now, a Dell smartwatch offering would be similar to the recently announced Sony Smartwatch 2 … competent, reliable, and completely lacking in imagination or innovation. This is not the type of wearable computing device that will inspire the public to embrace the fledgling technology. If Dell wants to succeed in balancing its books with new product offerings, it needs to become a leader in the niche, not a follower … it needs to innovate, not imitate. To become the type of company that could successfully enter the fledgling wearable computing market, Dell needs to restructure its anchor of a product development process and the only way to do that is a complete corporate restructuring. Lo and behold, that is exactly what Dell is attempting to do by taking itself back to its origins as a private company, it is trying to become more agile and less beholden to the time-sucking shareholder process.

As the company stands today, any Dell smartwatch produced will likely suffer the same fate as its ill-conceived Streak smartphone. However, with its attempt to go private, it appears that Dell truly wants to evolve and, once again, become a market leader. If Dell is successful with its restructuring and changes the way that it develops products, it could eventually design and distribute a must-have piece of wearable computing gear and again find itself in the lime-light. Accordingly, don’t dismiss the possibility of a revolutionary Dell smartwatch just yet … just don’t expect it any time soon.


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