Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch Landing In February

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The Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch, we can’t wait to actually see one. It is gorgeous, Swiss made, boasts amazing specs, combines an automatic analog movement with next gen smartwatch technology, and even has biosensors. In short, it sounds perfect! The problem is, neither the press nor the public have seen an actual working prototype … and we doubt we ever will.

Does the Hyetis Crossbow watch sound too good to be true? Well, just wait until you hear the claimed specs. A high definition LCD dial with a sapphire crystal touch screen sporting an anti-reflective treatment. A 41MP camera with optical zoom and noise canceling microphone for shooting movies. Sensors include an altimeter, a thermometer, a hygrometer for measuring humidity (we had to look that one up), a light meter, and various unnamed “biometric sensors” to track physical activity. According to the 3D renderings above, the smartwatch will also include a depth gauge for scuba diving and be rated to 15,000 meters. Device communication will be accomplished over NFC, WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0. Power will be supplied via twin battery packs integrated into the band attachment mechanism and will last for 48 hours of light use. Oh, and it will be iOS, Android, and Windows 8 compatible. And, all available to you on February 11, 2014 for $1,200.

Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch

What evidence do we have to support that the Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch actually exists? Some fabulous 3D renderings of a gorgeous Crossbow watch, pictures of some nice looking freshly milled watch cases matching those renderings (see below), pictures of random mechanical watch parts with the Hyetis logo laser engraved, pictures of two mechanical watch movements fully assembled, a ridiculously poor quality “Keynote” video thanking backers for their support, and random comments from the developers on various industry blogs claiming that their dream is more than just vaporware. In short, not much. Nonetheless, if this watch does actually show up in February, it will be the most beautiful smartwatch to date … but we won’t hold our collective breath. In the mean time, check out another gorgeous piece of vaporware, the EmoPulse Smile.

Hyetis Crossbow Prototype

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