Dinard da Mata Creative Smartwatch Concept

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Talented Brazilian industrial designer, Dinard da Mata, has envisioned another gorgeous smartwatch concept dubbed the Creative Player. Following up on his highly acclaimed Philips Fluid smartwatch concept, Da Mata has a flare for creating sophisticated yet simple designs that, while pushing the innovation envelope, could actually be created using today’s cutting edge technology.

With smartwatch concepts flooding the internet as of late, the trend seems to establish an evolution of design, from that which simply incorporates modern technology into a traditional wristwatch form and housing, to smooth-edged unibody bracelets employing displays that circumnavigate the wrist. Apple, apparently, foresaw the future of smartwatch technology as they were recently granted a patent protecting such a design … possibly for inclusion in their oft-rumored iWatch. And, not surprisingly, the newly emerging smartwatch industry appears to be following their lead.

Da Mata’s new smartwatch design, much like his Philips Fluid concept, takes a unibody bracelet approach. Consisting of a single piece that encircles the user’s wrist, the Creative Player smartwatch boasts a solitary flexible OLED touchscreen spanning length of the watch. Such a design provides the user with visual feedback and the ability to control the device regardless of the angle or position of her arm. Keeping the design simple and efficient, unobtrusive wireless bluetooth earbuds provide sound, possibly, like the concept smartwatch itself, employing newly emerging inductive technology to recharge the batteries.

The concept Creative Player smartwatch, much like all of Dinard da Mata’s designs, is sleek and elegant. Although he brands his creations with the logos of various industry titans, the sophistication through simplicity that emerges from his works screams shades of Apple’s own Jon Ivey. And, although the technology required to bring such a creation to life presently exists, it would likely take a company like Apple to reduce such complicated technology into the simplistic user-friendly form offered by Da Mata. Once again … great work Dinard!


Dinard da Mata: [Resume]

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