Sony Smartwatch 2, Uninspired Rehash

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The Sony Smartwatch 2 for Android was just announced on Sony’s Twitter feed. From what we can tell, it is a simple rehash of the original Sony Smartwatch, with unimpressive specs and an uninspired look. Basically, it is exactly what we expected from Sony.

Sony’s upgraded smartwatch was finally unveiled today, hoping to whet the appetite of Android aficionados waiting anxiously for something revolutionary to display on their wrists. Unfortunately, the monotone corporate electronics giant revealed a new wearable computing device that is well made, highly polished, boring and unimaginative. Basically, Sony took a long hard look at smartwatches that were unsuccessful in the past, and decided that they were happy with the formula. Will the Sony Smartwatch 2 be more successful than the previous model? Probably. Following the overwhelming success of Kickstarter darling Pebble, the market is burgeoning and technophiles have been clamoring for futuristic wearable computing tech. Even though this release is not the holy grail of smartwatches that consumers have been waiting for, it may just be the best smartwatch so far … which is not saying much. Couple that with the Sony brand and an affordable $149 price point, and this watch will likely take a large chunk of the market away from current frontrunner Pebble. In short, the Sony Smartwatch 2 will likely act as a wearable computing placeholder until something truly revolutionary is released by Apple or Google.

Sony Smartwatch 2

Here are the positives: the Sony Smartwatch 2 is made by Sony, it is Android compatible, water resistant, it has a huge app library ready to download now, it has NFC on board for easy pairing, and it comes in at a reasonable $149. Here is the bad: it has antiquated Bluetooth 3.0 (really???) instead of 4.0 low energy, a dismal 220×176 resolution display, it is charged via micro USB instead of wireless Qi charging, a cheap looking plastic band, it looks like a big clunky box, and it isn’t due out until September.

The smartwatch market is still in its infancy, without any particular model setting the standard for others to follow. Mostly, we have a mishmash of incomplete, beta devices being snapped up by technophiles eager to embrace new wearable computing tech. The Sony Smartwatch 2 is different in that it presents a completed product, that has been through Sony’s bug removal system, has apps ready to download, and is built to Sony’s exacting quality standards. Unfortunately, what Sony has failed to do is set the bar even a little higher. We are not surprised, but we are disappointed at the lack of vision and innovation. Still, the Sony Smartwatch 2 will be the smartwatch to buy until Apple or Google move the niche forward with some revolutionary new technological marvel.


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