Cookoo Smartwatch Life App For iOS 7

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ConnecteDevice just released the Cookoo Life app via the iTunes Store, a free new user interface for the Cookoo Smartwatch designed specifically for iOS 7. The Cookoo Life app offers enhanced features and is compatible with the iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 and 4S, the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display, and the new iPods. Unfortunately, text message alerts are still conspicuously absent from the updated features list … a deal-breaker for many.

The Cookoo Smartwatch is minimalistic in its design, offering only basic features such as visual, audio and haptic notification of of incoming messages. This works fine when used to alert the wearer of voice calls and emails. However, for some unknown reason, ConncecteDevice has yet to achieve implementation of text message notifications from iOS. This shortcoming definitely precludes a large segment of early adopters from choosing the Cookoo watch for their first smartwatch experience. This is unfortunate, as the Cookoo smartwatch is truly a simple, nice looking watch that feels wonderful on the wrist.

Cookoo Life Smartwatch App

Our main criticism, of the ConnecteDevice Cookoo, has been that they rushed the product to market in order to stake a claim in the burgeoning smartwatch field. However, such disappointment only extends to the associated software and firmware. The watch, itself, is lovely and would more than satisfy newcomers if the fledgling company could only code some apps on par with the simple sophistication of the smartwatch itself. Pebble Technology, the current leaders of the pack, have vowed to spend 2014 focused solely on improving their software, even if the bottom line suffers in the short-term. It might be wise for ConnecteDevice to follow suit and finely hone their product and, accordingly, their reputation as a manufacturer of quality electronic products. Until then, the Cookoo sits on the corner of our desk, patiently awaiting a wear-worthy update.


Cookoo Smartwatch Life App: [Company Website]

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