Pebble Smartwatch Black Friday Deal

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Pebble Smartwatch has just announced a Black Friday deal. If you purchase a Pebble Smartwatch today or tomorrow (November 28th-29th) you will receive a 15% discount, or a total price of $130 versus the regular $150. Although not a huge savings, this is the first discount we have seen on what is presently the most popular smartwatch available.

The Pebble Smartwatch is by far the most popular smartwatch as judged by its kickstarter subscription rate and post crowdfunding sales. It set a new record on Kickstarter while still in the concept phase and its popularity continues to grow. The Pebble’s creators had the vision, had the experience, and most importantly, effectively marketed the hell out of this device even before the first unit shipped. In fact, we would dare to say that the Pebble single-handedly ignited the smartwatch market frenzy that is just beginning to really surge. With strong support from developers and early-adopters, the available software ensures that everyone will find apps to enjoy for a long time to come.

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Pebble Smartwatch: [Company Website]

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