Cogito Smartwatch, Successor To The Cookoo

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The Cogito Smartwatch has been announced by ConnecteDevice, makers of the Cookoo Smartwatch. Bringing to market the next generation of their minimalist intelligent timepieces, the Cogito Watch enhances the level of information being received from the wearer’s smartphone by adding a pixel display. In short, this is EXACTLY what the Cookoo Watch needed.

Cogito ergo sum … I think, therefore I am. We are big fans of the uncluttered look and feel of ConnecteDevice’s Cookoo smartwatch. However, we felt that it needed to provide the user with more information if it wanted to be competitive in this quickly evolving market. Well, apparently, ConnecteDevice thought so as well and has incorporated a micro display, similar to that of the Martian Smartwatch, into their new Cogito Watch. And, the display has been added without sacrificing the uncluttered look and feel of the original Cookoo. These significant improvements put the Cogito Original on our list of 5 Favorite Smartwatches Currently In Development.

Intended to function primarily as a “scannable” product, and not a full-fledged wrist mounted computer, the Cogito watch, like the Cookoo, is an icon-based extension of the user’s smartphone. It focuses on the style and the beauty of the watch, not on the technology. However, a new display has been added to provide a bit more information, thus allowing the alerted user to make a quick determination of whether to pull the phone out of his/her pocket.

Cogito Smartwatch Announcement

The Cogito Smartwatch will be powered by a Texas Instruments TI-2541 processor and sport power sipping Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology. The new display will provide caller ID name and number while the icon-based display alerts the wearer to text and social messaging, emails, calendar events, and smartphone battery level. In addition, the watch will function as a music and smartphone camera remote. A lot of functionality tucked into a sporty little timepiece. Hopefully, the Cookoo’s inability to provide text message alerts for iOS has been remedied as that was a non-starter for many. Initially, the Cogito Smartwatch will be compatible with the iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, and 4S, 3rd and 4th generation iPads, the iPod touch 5G, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2. The Cogito Watch is expected to be priced at approximately $169, with more sophisticated finishes costing a bit more.

If you are interested in seeing the Cogito Watch in person, stop by the ConnecteDevice booth at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, North Hall #6628.


ConnecteDevice Cogito Smartwatch: [Company Website]

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