HeadWatch Says Stick It In Your Ear

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HeadWatch Smartwatch tells users to “Stick it in your ear!” … literally. The hybrid smartwatch/bluetooth headset, presently in the early stages of development (or not), intends to remedy the sound quality and lack of privacy issues experienced when using traditional smartwatches as a speakerphone. The HeadWatch solution … a detachable watch face that you stick in your ear.

HeadWatch Smartwach has in fact identified two problems that exist with current smartwatch technology: poor sound quality and the inability to have a private conversation via a wrist-bound smartwatch. Their proposed solution is a removable smartwatch face that doubles as a bluetooth headset. When a call comes through, the user removes the hybrid watch face/headset and pops it in his ear providing both increased sound quality and incoming communication privacy … both worthy goals. However, actual application of the creative HeadWatch solution will likely receive a cold reception from consumers in its current form. Few are likely to embrace having to detach and stick a watch face in their ear when making and receiving calls. Still, all may not be lost for this fledgling company.

HeadWatch Smartwatch In Ear

HeadWatch Smartwatch claims to have a “patent pending” for their new hybrid watch face/headset technology. Although we could not find any reference to their claim in the USPTO database, let’s assume that they have filed the appropriate patent application in Portugal, their country of origin. If HeadWatch further refined their idea into a form that could be more widely accepted, such as a simpler detachable bluetooth headset integrated into the smartwatch itself, they could simply license such technology to a larger company that already makes smartwatches. Such a tact would provide HeadWatch an instant infusion of capital and obviate their need to design an entire smartwatch from scratch simply to sell their singular unique feature … win/win.

HeadWatch Smartwatch, however, appears to be undertaking the monumental task of producing a smartwatch of their own. Their proposed smartwatch will include a color LCD display, an ultra low power processor, multiple sensors for gesture recognition and both ambient and object temperature, a microphone and speaker, a vibrating motor, and iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 compatibility. All nice features but, again, the sole unique offering is the ability to detach the watch face and stick it in your ear. If the Portugal-based HeadWatch proceeds with the project in lieu of seeking out the more simple licensing deal, it will be interesting to see how they implement the “in-ear” component of their vision for, on it’s face, it sounds a tad uncomfortable to us.

UPDATE – HeadWatch is now live on Indiegogo.


HeadWatch Smartwatch Technology: [Company Website]

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