Martian mVoice G2 Smartwatch Hits Kickstarter

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The Martian mVoice G2 Smartwatch just hit Kickstarter. A throw-back smartwatch with analog hands and time markers, the mVoice G2 is not designed to serve as a wrist-borne computer, unlike the Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatches. Rather, the G2 serves as a traditional timepiece with inconspicuous modern benefits … discreet smartphone notifications and the voice assistant of your choice: Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Bottom line, the Martian mVoice G2 Smartwatch is sophisticated and elegant … and we love it!

Martian was an early leader in the smartwatch industry, launching a successful Kickstarter funding campaign in mid-2012. Martian’s first offering, much like the mVoice G2, was an elegant timepiece first, augmented by just the right amount of technology. Where competitors were trying to stuff as many computer components as possible into the case at the expense of aesthetics, Martian took a “form first” tact, seeking to infuse contemporary tech without sacrificing the beauty of the watch. And, again, that is what Martian is doing with the mVoice G2 Smartwatch.

Martian mVoice G2 Smartwatches

The Martian mVoice G2 Smartwatch first provides a classic looking traditional round timepiece. However, hidden within the dial (until activated), is a power-efficient face-sized led display providing visual and haptic notifications specifically tailored to the wearer’s needs via a free smartphone app. In addition, selections and functions can be made on the watch itself via crown-based scrolling and presses. However, what truly makes this smartwatch special is its voice-controlled interface, offering the user a choice of employing Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa to issue commands and queries vocally … simple and succinct. If you are looking to customize faces, run apps, or play games on your wrist, this is not the smartwatch for you. However, if you need a watch that looks sharp in a suit and allows you to check texts and scan emails without pulling your phone from your pocket, look no further … this may be the one.

We have been big fans of Martian smartwatches since we received one of the first Martian Passports in the office in early 2013. They look much more sophisticated than stereotypical smartwatches, they offer the features that we actually use without bloating our wrist with unnecessary components, and they just work well. Accordingly, we are looking forward to putting the mVoice G2 Smartwatch into rotation to see if it can once again become our prime piece of smart wear. Check back for a full review after its May 2018 projected release date.


Martian mVoice G2 Smartwatch: [Company Website] [Kickstarter]

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