Apple Releases New Boot Camp Drivers For Windows 10

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Apple has quietly released new AMD Vega Boot Camp Software Graphics Drivers for running Windows 10 on an iMac Pro. This is significant for mac-based virtual reality enthusiasts as the new drivers finally allow for VR on an iMac Pro without the need for a cumbersome eGPU (external graphics processing unit). After upgrading your Boot Camp installation’s Vega 56 or 64 graphics card drivers, you can simply plug your virtual reality headset directly into your iMac Pro’s Thunderbolt 3 port, boot into Windows 10, and enjoy effortless virtual reality using the Windows Mixed Reality Portal and/or SteamVR.

Mac-Based VR Before The New Drivers

The new GPU drivers just released by Apple are huge for people wanting to experience virtual reality on an iMac Pro. The previous set of Boot Camp drivers were poorly written and resulted in correspondingly poor performance from the Mac’s technically capable internal AMD Vega graphics cards. Accordingly, if you wanted the full VR experience on an iMac pro, you had to connect an expensive and awkward eGPU … more dongles! However, with this simple driver upgrade, the process has been streamlined. This makes Mac-based VR more accessible to the masses, or at least to those lucky enough to own an iMac Pro.

Download The New Apple Boot Camp Software Graphics Drivers From AMD

The Apple Boot Camp Software Graphics Drivers for the Vega 56 and 64 are actually written and compiled by Apple. However, they are distributed by AMD and need to be downloaded from the AMD support Apple Boot Camp Page located here. It will be easiest to download and update the Vega drivers once you have already booted into Windows 10 on your iMac Pro as discussed below.

Download Apple Boot Camp Software Graphics Drivers From AMD

How To Update AMD Graphics Drivers For Windows In Boot Camp

Supported Macs for this driver update include the MacBook Pro, the large and small iMac, and the Mac Pro “trashcan.” However, the GPUs in those Macs are not powerful enough to run current model virtual reality headsets or the corresponding VR apps. However, we do still suggest that you update your graphics drivers if you are using one of the supported models.

To update the Boot Camp Vega graphics card drivers on your iMac Pro, do the following:

• Step 1: Boot into Windows 10 by powering up your Mac, then immediately hold down the Option key; release the Option key when you see the Startup Manager window; select your Windows startup disk, then click the arrow or press Return.

• Step 2: Download the drivers by navigating your Windows browser to this page and click the download button for the iMac Pro drivers (they should be version 18.50 or later).

• Step 3: Install the drivers by expanding the downloaded file and clicking on Setup.exe to run.

Should you encounter any problems during the installation process, the Apple support page for installing Windows graphics drivers in Boot Camp on a Mac can be found here.

Your iMac Pro Is Ready For Virtual Reality Without An eGPU

With the new Apple Boot Camp drivers installed, you are now ready to experience virtual reality on your iMac Pro without an eGPU. For more information on setting all of this up from scratch, check out our instructional page VR On An iMac Pro: The Complete Guide.


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