New Sony Smartwatch Coming Next Week

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The Sony Smartwatch looks like it is about to get an upgrade as Sony has pounded Twitter with virtual teases of an upcoming announcement. The current Sony Smartwatch was released over a year to mixed reviews and has not been a commercial success. However, with heavy hitters like Apple and Google crashing the wearable computing party, it appears that Sony wants to get a jump on the competition. UPDATE – It is coming tomorrow …

Sony isn’t masking their intent, tweeting today “1/3 smartphone users want smart wrist wear.” Other recent tweets include, “Wearable tech is in our DNA. Remember WALKMAN, now…?” and “We launched the world’s first ‘smart’ watch in 2007.” While that last one is not technically accurate, as Microsoft launched the SPOT smartwatch in 2004, Sony has maintained the longest ongoing commitment to smartwatch technology. The current Sony Smartwatch sells for a mere $99, is Android compatible, and has a massive apps library on Google Play. However, in spite of being a vanguard in the wearable computing market, it never really took off.

Is Sony telegraphing a new smartwatch release with all their Twitter fanfare the past couple of days or are they simply beating their chest, saying “we were here first” and trying to move some admittedly stale inventory? It is tough to tell. However, with smartwatch announcements from Sony competitors such as Apple, Google, and Samsung right around the corner, it is likely that Sony has something new with which to saturate the niche before the laggers can get into gear.

Sony Smartwatch Teaser

A new Sony Smartwatch could not come at a better time … the market is starting to explode with unfinished, barely usable smart wrist wear being pushed out the door before the upstarts are even out of beta. Technophiles are aching for a piece of wearable computing that is complete and that has features and apps that are ready now. If Sony produces a smartwatch that is professional and cutting edge, compatible with both iOS and Android, and with the ability to use its already massive apps library, it could just have a winner on its hands … or wrists. This would, in turn, require Apple, Google, and Samsung to step up their games and develop something truly revolutionary and inviting … a win/win for consumers. Whatever Sony has up their sleeves, when asked if we will see something from them next week, my magic 8-ball says “Outlook Good” …

UPDATE – Here is the teaser video released today …


Sony Smartwatch 2: [Company Website]

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