Kisai Watch, Intoxicated Smartwatch For Drunks

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Kisai Watch, the Intoxicated Breathalyzer Smartwatch for drunks … seriously. From the Land of the Rising Sun comes this intriguing Kisai smartwatch (we use the term loosely) for people who are smart enough to know that they are drunk, but dumb enough to jump behind the wheel the second that their blood alcohol level drops down to .08.

OK, so maybe we are being a little harsh. If you want to drive drunk, at least this watch will let you know when you are sober enough to not get a ticket. The Kisai Watch features a built-in breathalyzer and displays ten different levels of blood alcohol content. “A yellow display showing between 0.41 and 0.60‰ means you’re buzzing. A red display showing 0.61‰ or above means you’re drunk!” Yes, that is what their website says. Which is interesting because, according to the Surgeon General, a blood alcohol level of .40% or higher can cause death. Maybe then Japanese are just better drunk drivers than we are … or, there could be a mistake in the transcription.

In addition to the breathalyzer, the Kisai Watch tests your ability to drive with a lovely little Sobriety Game. “When activated, a line on the screen moves from left to right. Hit the button and stop the line dead centre to win, either side and you’re less than sober!” That is sure to be an accurate gauge of impairment. Well, if nothing else, it is definitely a conversation piece and a great way to meet drunk women … “Want to blow on my watch?”

Kisai Intoxicated Breathalyzer Smartwatch

This breathalyzer is definitely one of the most unique new features we have seen stuffed into a smartwatch as of late. However, we can’t recommend using it or the “Sobriety Game” as an accurate indicator of your ability to drive. If you are drinking, don’t drive … simple. On the other hand, if you are looking for conversation starter that you can whip out at 2:01 am and score a few laughs, this piece of gear is only $99 and is sure to get you a smile, if nothing else 😉


Kisai Watch: [Company Website]

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