Smart Watch News Live At CES 2014

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Smart Watch News is live at CES 2014, wrangling interviews at the Wrist Revolution where a multitude of next generation tech wearables are set to be unveiled. From customizable and downloadable watch faces to internet-connectivity and app-based programs, Smart Watch News will be on scene as the standard wristwatch “transforms into a GPS, music player, health monitor, alert and message indicator and more.

A few notables presenting at the CES 2014 Wrist Revolution TechZone will be Burg Limited and their soon to be released line of 7 new smartwatches, ConnecteDevice with their Cookoo and 2nd generation Cogito watches, the Dennco Brands Sonostar, EZIO displaying their Bluetooth 4.0 LE Osprey, FiLip Technology’s made in the USA FiLip smartwatch, the Swiss-designed Kronoz ZeNano, MetaWatch touting their gen 2 Frame smartwatch, the crowd pleasing Neptune Pine, Qualcom displaying their recently released Toq watch, and TomTom debuts their fitness-minded GPS watches.

CES 2014 Smart Watches

And, of course we will be on hand for the much publicized Pebble, Sony, and Samsung reveals. Flag us down and say hello if you see us roaming the floor … we will be easy to spot!


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