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Sharing is caring!, a newly created shrine to Pebble smartwatch programming, has recently emerged from the creative talents of Jason Smyth (@slayer1551) of NMC Design and Print. offers Pebble watch faces, apps, and games, consolidated from around the Pebble developer community, that can be viewed and downloaded for FREE. was created and is managed by Jason of The Neuromuscular Centre (NMC) in Winsford, UK. The NMC provides a range of unique services and specialist advice for people with muscular dystrophy ranging from physiotherapy, training, support and advice. NMC Design + Print is a vibrant and commercially successful social enterprise that provides design and print services run by, and employing, designers with muscular dystrophy. offers free downloading of Pebble watch faces, apps, and games, having already catalogued 226 watch faces available for download in the short month that Pebble’s SDK has been publicly available. As a nice touch, the website offers an information page for each available download that includes a visual demonstration of each watch face, a link to the location at which the watch face was originally published, a link to the developer’s site or bio, a short description of each watch face, a download link, the source code (if available), and the opportunity to vote whether you like the watch face or not.

Pebble Watch Face also offers free Pebble smartwatch games available for download. At this time, there are only three: Tetris, Parachute, and Peb-L-Sketch. However, if the overwhelming number of gathered Pebble watch faces is any indicator, the game section should be burgeoning with monochrome distractions before long.

The apps section currently contains 18 programs including calculators, counters, and stopwatches of a very basic nature. We look forward to seeing what Pebble developer community comes up with over the next few months as their skills and familiarity with the SDK improve. Based upon the number of forum queries and internet chatter, it appears that many programmers are busily coding away, trying to produce the first big hit for the Pebble smartwatch.

Pebble Watch Games

The highly anticipated Pebble smartwatch has received a luke warm reception since its official launch several months ago. People love the concept, but have been disappointed with the execution and lack of available apps and personalization options. Although not much in the way of apps that can actually improve one’s productivity have surfaced as of yet, the abundance of available free watch faces can at least allow users to make their Pebble’s their own. And, with the creation of, there is a centralized location for developers to show their work and for early adopters to find it.

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