Nurrv Run Sports Wearable Improves Running Technique

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The Nurrv Run is a sports wearable that transforms traditional running shoes into smart shoes. It tracks your technique and performance, and provides real-time insight into a runner’s strengths and weaknesses. Beneficial for runners at every level, it’s like have a coach your pocket … both for critiques and inspiration. In addition, the guidance offered can seriously reduce a beginning or novice runner’s risk of injury, a frequent issue those just starting out.

What Is A Nurrv Run?

Nurrv Run Smart Shoe Insole
Nurrv Run Smart Shoe Insole

Nurrv Run is a smart running shoe insole that aims to improve running performance and technique by measuring foot strike: how you land on your foot each time you take a step. Two bluetooth connected insoles, each with 32 precision sensors, are placed in your choice of running shoe. While you run, the sensors are measured 1,000 times per second and analyzed to create a unique runner’s profile. The result is an unparalleled level of insight into how your body moves that formerly required a running coach to spend hours watching and critiquing. The Nurrv app then generates tailored reports that offer training tips and exercises to improve your performance and refine your technique. Workouts are suggested with personalized cadence and step length target zones, improving footstrike with in-run feedback. Finally, an easy to understand running health score provides the user with a technique metric that adjusts with and tracks the wearer’s ability.

Who Should Wear A Nurrv Run?

The Nurrv Run is for both beginners and those already at the expert level. Beginners will benefit as they develop their running technique and stamina, implementing correct form right from the start preventing bad habits and reducing the chance of injury. Expert runners will benefit from the detailed technical analysis and suggested workouts designed to give them the edge and take their running ability to the next level.

What Are The Nurrv Run Technical Specs?

Nurrv Run Metrics
Nurrv Run Metrics

The Nurvv Run insoles are only 1.2mm thick and are designed to be worn in conjunction with the runner’s choice of padded insole. Weighing in at only 5oz, the additional weight added by Run insoles is barely noticeable. And, even though the Nurrv Run are designed to be rain and puddle-proof, extended submersion is not recommended and while require thorough drying prior to subsequent use.

What Metrics Does The Nurrv Run Provide?

Monitoring runner performance, the Nurrv Run generates distance, time, pace, splits, elevation and calorie data. Monitoring technique, cadence, step length, foot strike pronation, and balance are recorded. While the performance metrics are available in many smartphone running apps, the technique metrics are unique to the Run and offer greater insight into one’s overall running strengths and weaknesses

Cadence refers to how many steps you take per minute. Generally, 180 steps per minute is the magic number for running cadence.

Step length is the distance covered between the spot where one foot hits the ground and the next time that same foot hits the ground again. It is two steps, one with your right foot and one with your left foot. Running at your ideal step length provides for enhanced efficiency, allowing you to run at a reduced heart rate and with less oxygen consumption. It also protects against developing patellofemoral pain, also known as Runner’s Knee.

Foot strike pronation refers to the inward rolling movement of the foot as it hits the ground and is categorized by supination, neutral pronation, and over-pronation. Neutral pronation is a slight inward rolling movement and is considered to be ideal for preventing injury. Prior to introduction of the Run, the best indirect measure of foot pronation was the wear pattern on a running shoe’s midsole.

Balance is the neuromuscular skill of activating the muscles and adjusting your body alignment to keep yourself upright. Proper balance is crucial to good running form because it promotes relaxation, thus requiring less energy to keep your body upright during a run.

How Does The Nurrv Run Work?

The Nurrv Run records and analyzes all of the performance and technique metrics listed above in real-time as you run. Using the latest biomechanical running guidelines, a unique run score is calculated based upon collected sensor data. By combining your run scores, an overall personal running health score is achieved helping you to define your strengths and weaknesses. Daily run recommendations are then offered, personally tailored to improve both your performance and technique.

Does The Nurrv Run Require A Smartphone Or Smartwatch?

Although the Nurrv Run does not require a smart device to simply record data, it is compatible with most smartphones and smartwatches. For Apple users, the Run is compatible with the iPhone 6s and later, the Apple Watch Series 3 and above, and it syncs with the Apple Health app. Android users must be at version 6.0 or above, the Run is ANT+ compatible, and it syncs seamlessly with Strava.


The Nurrv Run is an awesome sports wearable for both beginning and expert runners. It collects detailed running data and synthesizes the metrics into a coaching plan personally tailored to help you improve your form and reduce your risk of injury. We highly recommend this Nurrv product to anyone looking to employ the latest wearable technology to up their running game.

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