EmoPulse nanoGlass-4 On Indiegogo

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EmoPulse nanoGlass-4 smart glasses device just rolled out on crowdfunding springboard Indiegogo … and it is only $25. This diminutive eyewear enhancement attaches to your regular glasses and provides visual notifications of text messages, emails, calls, or other events from your smartphone. Did we mention that the nanoGlass is only $25? EmoPulse is a new startup currently seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo for two wearable computing products: the Smile smartwatch and the nanoGlass-4 smart glasses device. Hoping to provide an alternative to the $1,500 priced Google Glass, a smart glasses device that can be similarly attached to the user’s existing eyewear, the EmoPulse nanoGlass offers far fewer features, instead focusing solely on being an extension of one’s smartphone notification system.

The EmoPulse nanoGlass device consists of a small metal housing that clips to the frame of the user’s glasses. A series of shaped fiberoptic cables less than one millimeter thick extends from the device down the frame’s temple, and curves toward the lens. A fairly simple device with a sole dedicated purpose. The device is waterproof and can be worn in the rain without risk of damage. It connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and contains a lithium battery that needs to be recharged only once every several months … a nice feature.

EmoPulse nanoGlass-4 Smart Glasses Design

A red signal indicates that your smartphone has an incoming call. A blue signal indicates an SMS text message has been received, or blue can be assigned to any other notifiable event through a free downloadable control app. A green signal alerts the user to a calendared event or time based alarm. That is all the nanoGlass does, it provides visual alert notifications in addition to any audio or haptic alerts already provided by the user’s smartphone.

EmoPulse nanoGlass-4 Smart Glasses Installed

Is the EmoPulse nanoGlass unit worth the price of entry? Google glass this is not, nor does it have the bells and whistles of more sophisticated and more expensive tech. However, as we stated earlier, it is only $25. So, if you are on the fence, take the leap to receive a cool but inexpensive introduction to the emerging market of wearable computing devices.


EmoPulse nanoGlass-4: [Company Website]

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