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This page is intended to provide a comprehensive list of 3D glasses that are currently available, that have entered End of Life (EOL) status, and that are currently in development. Links to articles and reviews are also provided for your convenience. If you are aware of any 3D glasses that are not currently on this list, please drop us a line and we will be sure to add them.

What are 3D glasses?

3D glasses are typically employ two types of technology, active and passive. Active 3D glasses have electronics which interact with the viewer’s display. Passive 3D glasses use simple polarized lenses to achieve a 3 dimensional effect.

Compare 3D Glasses

Accupix Mybud 3D Video GlassesAccupix Mybud Video Glasses
Displays: LCOS LCD
Resolution: 852 x 480
Virtual Screen Size : 100"
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